Bleu Painted Stripe Throw Pillow

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Bleu Painted Stripe Throw Pillow
Each one of Porter Teleo's handmade pillows is part of a fine art edition, keeping the act of creating them and the experience of owning them both beautiful and exclusive.
A new spin on a timeless classic. For PAINTED STRIPE each line is scraped across the background by hand, resulting in a surprising array of textures and opacities. The hand-painted striated line effect lends a unique character and personality to an ordinarily simple design. Each piece is laid out in the same manner so that while they are different--having been created by hand--the pattern can be anticipated in the manner of any other stripe.
Each pillow is hand painted with its own unique composition.
Our use of artist-grade textile inks and dyes ensures a soft, touchable finish.
24" x 24" 
100% Linen
Hidden Zipper
Insert made with Crushed Goose and Duck
Handmade in U.S.A.
In Stock

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