Saffron Signs + Signifiers Throw Pillow

$ 315.00

Saffron Signs + Signifiers Pillowcase
Each one of Porter Teleo's handmade pillows is part of a fine art edition, keeping the act of creating them and the experience of owning them both beautiful and exclusive.

SIGNS & SIGNIFIERS consists of a series of hand-painted symbols created specifically for the pattern. These symbols are without meaning allowing them to adapt easily to any space.

Each pillow is hand painted with its own unique composition.
Our use of artist-grade textile inks and dyes ensures a soft, touchable finish.
Available in square or lumbar styles.
Square 24" x 24"
Lumbar 15" x 36"
100% Linen
Hidden Zipper
Insert made with Crushed Goose and Duck
Handmade in U.S.A.
In Stock

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