Magenta Patina 20 x 16

$ 140.00 $ 98.00

20 inches by 16 inches. 

Our PATINA pattern draws inspiration from the subtle beauty found in aged and worn sections of plaster in historical ruins. To achieve an old-meets-new-again look, our artists layer richly pigmented inks on the top of each panel using a special mop brush. The darker peaks of each drip reach to meet a more translucent section of the pigment.

This is a one-of-a-kind, limited availability ink wash painting on handmade Japanese rice paper, offered unframed for easy personalization. Every Porter Teleo Archive is hand-painted by artists, making each unframed work unique and a beautiful addition to any home. There is only one of each Archive available to purchase.

All pigments are mixed by hand, using the most saturated raw form of inks and dyes available. Our paper has been made by the same family in a small Japanese mountain village for over 1,300 years. The village's main source of water is a fresh water river that flows through the town providing abundant plant life for the pulp material. The end products are all completely archival and the end result is without comparison.

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